Registration is still open, and we have lots of space!

We have 10+ trained track and field coaches and lots of assistant coaches and volunteers from the community. These supportive coaches and volunteers are dedicated to providing excellent instruction ensuring your aspiring athlete performs at their best and achieves their personal best. What better way to boost their confidence and help them be well rounded athletes and healthy members of the Huntsville community. Six of the trained coaches are top level Huntsville High School athletes who have been competing at track and field for a number of years and have coaching experience in the very successful Jackrabbits program at Arrowhead Provincial Park. Having gotten to know them better over the weekend in Toronto, I must say these kids are great role models and very motivated to help younger kids in the community experience the rewards of an active lifestyle.

With so many activities for your kids to be involved in, there’s bound to be scheduling conflicts. Several parents have asked if they can participate on just one night a week and the answer is definitely YES! We’ve made changes to the practice schedule to ensure that even if you can only come one night a week, they will still rotate through the various track and field events and have a great experience.

I did a walking tour/inspection of the Lookout Track last night with a few other coaches and it is in really great shape. The track and the field is drying out quickly and there is just one section that has a little snow on it which will melt with all the rain and warm weather expected this week.

We’re hoping you’ll be able to join us this season!


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