We now have over 40 kids participating in the program this year! All are very enthusiastic and energetic junior athletes and we appreciate that.

We are pleased to announce that the Town of Huntsville has given the club permits to the old Memorial Park track and field this year. For the remainder of the season we will always meet at Memorial Park. We also have permitted access to the Conroy Park Track after 6pm. Unfortunately, due to a long term agreement between the High School and the town, no members of the public can use the track until 6pm on weekdays. We’ve been working to negotiate an exception, but so far we haven’t had any success. Of further note, on Thursdays until May 23rd, the Lacrosse club is practicing at Conroy Park from 6 to 8pm. For safety reasons, we will not practice on the track during any Lacrosse practices or games.

The club is in the process of purchasing it’s own High Jump mat this year. In past years, we have borrowed the mat owned by the High School. We’re hopeful it will be delivered soon.

A note about Drop off  and Pickups. Could you please sign your initials on our sign in sheets for each child that you are leaving in our care and more importantly when you pickup you kid(s). We use these for safety and to ensure that no one gets lost or left behind. Please find the group leader for your child’s age group who will have the sign in sheet. If you can’t do this for any reason, please let us know ahead of time!

I helped teach the younger kids about starts/finishes and sprinting on Monday. The kids had a blast on their inaugural run on the new Conroy Park track. I understand that the older groups did very well at the Javelin and Long Jump events in Memorial Park. Lots more fun to come.

Keep up the great work coaches! Parents, thanks for your patience with the drop off  and pickups from different locations. We are now always meeting at Memorial Park. If it’s raining or particularly miserable, drive by the park first, and if no one is there, try the Summit Centre, 2nd floor beside the new Don Lough Arena.

Best wishes!


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